The Pasadena

The Pasadena

2nd Story Addition and Exterior Renovations - Summit Bay Construction Inc.

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About This Project

This home, originally built in 1960, underwent extensive renovations beginning with a 2nd story addition above the garage that includes a new bedroom and ensuite bathroom. Also, the existing single story front entrance was renovated into a 2 story vaulted entryway. In the rear of the home, an outdoor covered lanai was built to enhance the view of the intercoastal waterway. The existing pool and deck were renovated and a new heated spa was added.

Standout Features

  • Removal of the existing garage roof and adding a 2nd story bedroom and bath
  • Removal of single story entryway and building new 2 story vaulted entrance
  • New outdoor covered lanai and renovation to the pool and deck area

Before Photos

After Photos